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Science of Getting Faster Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad

Mar 5, 2021

Exogenous ketone esters are a hot topic in cycling, but the best way to use this expensive substance to get faster is still up for debate. In our previous discussion with Dr. Chiel Poffé, we learned that ingesting ketone esters with bicarbonate may enhance racing performance under certain circumstances. In the second part of our conversation with Dr. Poffé, we learn about his research into using ketones as a recovery aid.

Study Link: Ketone ester supplementation blunts overreaching symptoms during endurance training overload



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The Science of getting Faster Podcast cuts through the noise and talks directly to the scientists doing the latest research into how to become a faster cyclist, stronger athlete, and healthier person.

Join Coach Chad Timmerman and CEO Nate Pearson of TrainerRoad as they interview a new researcher every month about their latest studies, what question they were hoping to answer, how they structured the study, what they observed and what they are still hoping to learn.

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00:00 - Podcast begins/ intro
00:30 - What was the purpose of the study? (Ketones after exercise).
01:59 - Could ketones help you increase training load and volume?
02:55 - How the study addressed this
03:18 - Methodology: Why they picked relatively untrained participants
04:18 - Matched Pairs
05:26 - Study design and protocol
06:35 - The study’s weekly tests
07:39 - The tough workouts the study participants completed and why
12:32 - How do you measure overtraining/ overreaching?
14:11 - Using GDF-15 as a marker of overreaching
16:31 - The study’s results
21:06 - Ketones and carbs
22:33 - Separating the effect of carbs and ketones
23:12 - Nate summarizes the results and conclusions
23:45 - Are Ketones a good strategy for something like Cape Epic?
25:17 - Does the study suggest athletes should use Ketones daily?
26:23 - How much there remains to learn about ketones
28:14 - It seems to be more beneficial when you’re overreaching
28:20 - The name of the study
28:36 - Nate’s conclusions




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